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Why Visual PMP Academy is the Right Choice for You When It Comes to PMP Exam Preparation

Visual PMP Academy
August 9, 2022

We're Different: Why Visual PMP Academy is the Right Choice for You When It Comes to PMP Exam Preparation


Being a successful project manager comes down to understanding the bigger picture and utilizing the best resources to help get the job done smoothly and effectively. When you're ready to take your PMP Exam, choosing a preparation course that will give you the best chance of success is important.

At Visual PMP Academy, we're project management professionals like you- which makes us the most trusted and reliable PMP prep resource available today. As industry leaders and experienced educators, wefocus on ensuring our students pass the PMP exam on the first try.

The Best PMP Exam Prep Course for Project Managers

We provide an innovative and comprehensive approach to PMP Exam preparation at Visual PMP Academy. From our animated videos designed to make complex topics easy to understand to our comprehensive, engaging audio content, we offer a wide variety of supports and materials designed to help you focus on what's important - passing your exam.

Here is what makes Visual PMP Academy different:

Exam Specific Lessons 

We take great care in designing lessons that help you feel prepared to take the PMP exam, from the material to the test itself. While other substandard PMP certification courses leave a big gap between their content and how to apply it practically, Visual PMP Academy effortlessly bridges the gap between the lesson material and how questions are asked in the PMP exam. 

Easy-to-Understand Audio and Visual Materials 

We understand that not everyone learns in the same way. Our course offers audio and visual materials to help you better understand the concepts being taught. Instead of reading through boring, rigid material, we take a more dynamic and engaging approach to studying for the PMP exam. Each lesson provided by Visual PMP Academy helps project managers pass their exam on the first try by integrating critical information supported by audio and visual materials such as videos, photos, charts, and animations. No matter your learning style, we have you covered with engaging content that won't put you to sleep.

Test-Specific Lessons that Save Time and Effort

Visual PMP Academy has gone the extra mile to design efficient and optimized lessons that help project managers pass the PMP exam on the first try. At the core of this work is our streamlined approach to learning and exam prep. Each question is directly linked to our lessons, helping you simplify studying by focusing only on test-specific knowledge.

Comprehensive Agile Materials Included

All agile materials such as agile manifesto values and principles are also included in this PMP prep course, giving you the most comprehensive and practical pathway towards your PMP certification. Visual PMP Academy thoroughly explains all agile approaches, including the transformation from predictive approach to agile approach, as well as hybrid strategies. 

Our Promise to You

We understand that preparing for the PMP exam can be adaunting task. That's why we've designed our course to be as comprehensive and user-friendly as possible. We're committed to helping you pass your exam on the first try and become a certified project management professional. With Visual PMP Academy, you have everything you need to succeed - all in one place.

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