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In the realm of project management, stakeholders should be a vital consideration from planning through to execution. Their perspectives, needs, and actions can significantly impact the outcomes and success of your endeavours making their identification, engagement, and effective management crucial for achieving desired goals and outcomes.

Stakeholders and shareholders, although sometimes used interchangeably, actually represent distinct perspectives within the realm of business or project management. Shareholders are individuals or entities that possess a portion of a company's stock, granting them financial ownership rights and potential dividend earnings. They predominantly focus on the company's financial performance and the returns on their investments. In contrast, stakeholders encompass a broader spectrum of individuals, groups, or entities affected by or interested in the company's operations, irrespective of direct financial ownership. This diverse category comprises employees, customers, suppliers, local communities, and more. While shareholders primarily emphasize financial gains, stakeholders hold a wide array of concerns that extend across ethical, social, environmental, and operational dimensions, underlining the significance of their involvement for overall organizational prosperity and sustainability.

Discover the Earned Value Components – CPI versus SPI and how understanding these indicators can help you identify how effective your budget and schedule are. Contact us to learn how we can help you prepare for your PMP exam.

Discover the third components of ITTO – Outputs and how understanding this effective tool can help you identify what resources are needed to complete a task or deliverable.

What are the Tools and Techniques in ITTO? Tool is a tangible item such as template or software. For example, the Project Management Information system is a tool. Technique refers to a defined systematic procedure such as brainstorming. We’ve included a few tables below to familiarize you with how to apply Tools and Techniques to a variety of project management knowledge areas.

Discover the first components of ITTO – Inputs and how understanding this effective tool can help you identify what resources are needed to complete a task or deliverable.

Agile Methodology is a set of values and principles that can help your team write software more efficiently. It’s less of a manifesto, as it’s sometimes referred to, and more of a collection of beliefs that teams can use to make the best decisions about how to do the work of developing software.

The Agile methodology values individuals and interactions over process and tools. This belief is listed as the first of 4 epic Agile Values which serve as benchmarks for its 12 principles which we also explain here. Because this first value is about giving your team the ability to make good decisions, let’s have a closer look at why it’s considered a foundational stage. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, contact us via email at Info@avisualpmpacademy.com.

If you're planning to take the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam, you'll want to familiarize yourself with some of the details.

Why Visual PMP Academy is the Right Choice for You When It Comes to PMP Exam Preparation


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